Choreography: Elena Osalde
Music: Marco Alvírez Rosas (1975-2020)

Originally comissioned by Hillscene Festival 2020: Flirting with Precipice

A contemporary dance work by Mexican-Australian choreographer Elena Osalde. This performance was inspired by Quarantine Music miniatures by Mexican Composer Marco Alivírez during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Marco composed more than 65 miniatures between March and June 2020 to motivate musicians to keep working in isolation on a piece made especially for them.

Elena and Marco selected five of those pieces to work on this project representing the feelings experienced by people during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.

  • Estudio de virtuosa de sala
  • HandPan Gamelan 
  • Ocaso de una luna llena trasnochada
  • Un colibrí me habló al oído
  • Por las noches sueño que las campanas del alba me invitan a salir

This performance is dedicated to Marco Alvírez, who passed away in August 2020 due to a heart attack.

To watch the live stream on Saturday 14 November follow this link

Elena and Marco dreamt with the idea of reuniting the musicians involved in a live performance once international travel is safe again. If you want to contribute to making this possible, please reach out to

Choreography: Elena Osalde

An experimental project where only the dancer was listening to the music the choreography took as provocation.

The audience chose the soundtrack of their choice using their own headphones.
The environment was filled with brown noise while each participant on and off stage experienced movement with a different perception of what the expression of the sound offered to each one.

Choreography: Elena Osalde commissioned by MexVic and The Art Gallery of Ballarat

Drawing on the Mexican legend La Llorona (The Weeping Lady) and the love song Llorona. Pride, Grief and Forging Ahead explores the journey of taking beauty for granted, losing loved ones and healing through honouring them to be able to move one.
Both, the song and the legend, portray feelings of loss and the pain of unrequited love stories. The heroes in the stories long and lose but regardless of what happens; their love remains eternally alive.
In the spirit of Mexican Day of the Dead, let’s reflect on the permanence of the love that transcends the boundaries of life and death. By staying true to the love that remains, we can eventually heal and make peace with the events in our past.



Choreography: Elena Osalde commissioned by A Place to Land with the support of Moreland Council

This work explores the journey of leaving the comfort/discomfort of home to calling a new land home. The stages of migration (anticipation, amazement, homesickness and finally adaptation) are not linear. Migrants and people going through life transitions navigate them continuously until they make peace with them by embracing the present moment. Home is being here and now.

Choreography: Elena Osalde for Room to Move residence by Dancehouse
360 Degrees Out of Stillness – Room to Move by Dancehouse (2016)